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With our soup cure you relieve your body for 2,4, or 6 days.

Soup cleanse 2 days
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Souping 2 days
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Soup cleanse 4 days
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Souping 4 days
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Souping 6 days
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Souping 6 days
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With our souping you eat only soups for 2, 4 or 6 days. But not just any soup, but nutrient-rich organic vegetable soups, which supply the body with many important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, etc. Our soup cure is the low sugar alternative to juicing, a juice cure.

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Easily digestible, digestible and rich in nutrients - that's what makes our soup cure so special. Since gently cooked vegetables are easier to digest than raw vegetables, soups are a relief for the digestive organs. At the same time, our soups provide valuable fibre, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. And all this without the many fruit sugars that are often contained in the juices of a juice cure.

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Advantages of the soup cure

We cook for you: For 2-6 days you do not have to worry about anything - no shopping and no cooking. We deliver everything you need directly to your front door.

Lose weight without feeling hungry: All soups in the box have between 150-300 kcal. With only approx. 1,100 kcal per day you can easily declare war on one or the other problem zone.

Fibre against yoyo effect: The soups were developed by our nutritionist Nadine and provide you with everything you need. Due to the dietary fibres they counteract ravenous hunger attacks and a yo-yo effect.

100% organic, without additives: All ingredients are from regional cultivation and purely organic farming. We use neither chemical substitutes, nor flavour enhancers or thickeners such as corn starch.

Alternative to juice cures: Our soups are vegetable soups and therefore have less than half the sugar than juice cures containing fruit sugar.

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Developed by experts

We developed our souping concept together with our good friend, Food & Health Coach Nadine Hüttenrauch. As a medically certified health, nutrition and life coach, Nadine looks back on years of experience in the areas of nutrition, health, well-being and awareness. The aim of our souping is to effectively relieve the body. For this purpose we use the fibre in the vegetables of the soups as well as healthy fats.

About us

Tine's experience with the soup cure

"The JARMINO Souping is ideal to give the stressed body a break from time to time. The high quality and easy integration into everyday life are great." (Tine, entrepreneur)

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Erfahrung mit einer Suppenkur

Frau macht Sport während Suppenkur

Sport während des Souping

Während des Souping sollten Sie auf übermäßigen Sport verzichten, da Ihr Körper seine ganze Kraft benötigt. Wir empfehlen Ihnen daher für die Dauer der Suppen Kur moderate Bewegung oder leichte Fitnesseinheiten, wenn möglich an der frischen Luft, z.B. in Form von Yoga, Pilates, Walken, Joggen, Radfahren oder Schwimmen. Am besten zwei bis dreimal pro Woche jeweils circa 30 Minuten bzw. nach individueller Leistungsfähigkeit. So unterstützen Sie Ihren Körper optimal während des Souping.

Souping starten

Feel good!

Nutritionally balanced soups that relieve the strain on the intestines and promote weight loss, with the full taste of purely natural organic ingredients. Our soups provide complex carbohydrates and fibre, which serve as food for the good intestinal bacteria, and contain no additives or preservatives. You will feel good after our soup cure!


If possible, make sure you only eat liquid during souping. Drink plenty of water and if you need something solid between your teeth, grab nuts. If you want to lose weight with the cure, you should avoid the nuts.

You alone determine the time. Plan the cure so that it fits into your everyday life. If you do not want to explain yourself at dinner on the weekend, plan for souping during the week. If you are traveling a lot during the week or have no way to heat the soups, set the souping days on the weekend. We recommend that you take a soup regimen regularly, ideally at least every two months. So you can relieve your body regularly and give your gut a break from processing and sugar-rich foods. Once you have done the cure, you will find out how well you feel afterwards. Then after a while you will automatically want to do a soup cure again.

It's difficult to generalize. There are people who prefer to do a longer relief once a year, while others prefer to schedule a few days once a month. It also depends on your goals, of course: Do you want to relieve your body or do you want to lose a few extra pounds? Just listen to your body! It is better to start with two or four days and if it is easy for you, hang on to it for a few days next time. In general, it is good to give the body a few days to adjust to the change in diet, so we recommend that you plan four days if you can.

For many of us, coffee is routine in the morning and / or in the afternoon. If you can't do without it, reduce your consumption during souping to at least 1-2 cups a day. However, we recommend that you avoid drinking coffee while souping. Instead, choose herbal tea or fresh ginger or lemon tea.

No problem! Thanks to the modular principle, you can extend the soup cure yourself, combine the 6-day box with the 2-day box! Do you like more variety? Then take a look at our 21 day broth broth diet.

While you only eat soups at the soup cure, you only drink juice at the juice cure. However, most of these juices contain a lot of fruit and therefore fruit sugar (simple sugar). On the one hand, this is stressful for the liver and can cause the blood sugar level to fluctuate, on the other hand, the high sugar after the treatment often leads to the yo-yo effect and you quickly have the pounds that you lost during the treatment back on your ribs. Cooked soups, on the other hand, are easier to digest, contain less fructose and provide more fiber, which helps you lose weight sustainably without a yo-yo effect.

A little coconut blossom sugar in our soups promotes a slower energy release compared to high-glycemic sugars, which on the one hand saturates longer and on the other hand does not cause sugar highs and lows. As a result, our souping of just 1,100 kcal per day is not only ideal for a diet or for losing weight, but is also ideal for diabetics.

The nice thing about our soups is that they don't need to be chilled. So you can easily take the soups with you anywhere, next to the desk in the office or at home in the kitchen cupboard.