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Veal bone broth (6x 350ml)

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Veal bone broth

Hildegard v. Bingen broth: Our BIO bone broth from calf is simmered for 20 hours, thus valuable nutrients such as collagen, amino acids & glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are released from the bones and bound in the broth.

For our veal bone broth we only use BIO bones from calves from organic farming. We especially use bones with a high collagen content (calf's feet, ankles, patella & thighbones).

As a basis for our bone broth from the calf we cook a homemade vegetable broth from BIO soup vegetables. We obtain our ingredients from farmers in the region around our production in Bavaria. Due to a recipe with spices (e.g. Bertram, Quendel, Hyssop) according to Hildegard v. Bingen, our veal bone stock is especially beneficial).


Facts veal bone broth:

  • 3,5 g collagen per jar
  • Collagen building amino acids: glycine (2,3g/100ml), proline (1,2g/100ml), lysine (0,5g/100ml)
  • Other importan amino acids: arginine (0,8g/100ml), glutamine (1,4g/100ml)
  • Low in calories: only 28 kcal per jar

Drink the bone stock from the calf regularly pure as a source of collagen or use the stock as a base for soups, sauces or hearty smoothies.

How do I use the veal bone stock?

  • As a daily health ritual to supply the body with collagen, amino acids and vitaminsn
  • Enhance smoothies - Smoothies with collagen & protein of the bone pulp more refinedn
  • Use bone stock for a diet or fasting cure (only 28 kcal per 350ml)
  • As a natural source of protein and amino acids after exercise
  • As a basis for tasty recipes (e.g. soups, sauces, roasts)

Nutrition information in g per 100g

kj 36
kcal 8
Fat 0,2
thereof saturated fatty acids 0,1
Carbs 0,3
thereof sugar 0,0
Protein 1,5
Collagen 1,0
Salt 0,5


Veal bones* (24%)
Tomato paste*
Stone salt*

* from controlled organic cultivation



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