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Trial package bone broth (3x 350ml)

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Trial package bone broth

With this probeer package you can try all three kinds of biology osseous broth and decide afterwards for your favorite places or favorite kinds. In addition to 3x 350ml osseous broth you receive 10 tasty recipes to the cooking with osseous broth.

Our osseous broths are produced of animal bones and bandage fabric which are slowly cooked for 20 hours with herbs, vegetables and spices. By the long cooking the osseous broth contains valuable nutrients like collagen, amino acids and Glykosaminoglykane. More and more people conscious of health drink osseous broth regularly.

Cattle bone broth

The special in osseous broth:

  • Clearly higher nutrient loading than a usual broth or a ground
  • The contained collagen is the structural protein of our bones, cartilages, joints, hair, skin and nails
  • More than 50% of our customers drink the osseous broth for health reasons several times per week

How do I use the osseous broth?

  • For health reasons to the care with collagen & minerals purely drink
  • When base for Smoothies with the extra serving collagens use
  • With a diet or fasting cure are of use for the supply of nutrients and saturation
  • When natural protein spring drink after the training
  • When basis for tasty recipes, e.g., soups, sauces, roasts use

Why collagen is so important?
Collagen is the most important protein of the human body and base for the structure of our bones, joints, muscles, skin, hair and nails. Because the collagen production of our body with increasing age decreases, it is important to supply the body from Outside with this essential nutrient.

Nevertheless, by the modern food processing collagen has disappeared practically completely from our food. Or when have you nibbled the last time at an ox's tail or have chewed on a cattle ankle? We never suppose - and maybe one does not want also at all.

With our high-quality osseous broths we have found a possibility to supply collagen in natural and tasty manner again to the body

Cattle bone broth
By the specific selection of the bones our cattle bone broth has an especially high collagen portion of 3.4 g per 100ml. We cover the bones for the broth from 12 biocompanies in Bavaria and Tyrol. The animals live in pasture position.

Chicken bone broth
The cirque cashes for our chicken stock are from certificated biology to free-range hens which are held appropriate to the species and can live of course. Mixed herbs from sage, laurel and chilli provide during the cold time for free breathing.

Calf's bone broth
Bones of pasture calves from ecological agriculture. Mixed herbs after Holy Hildegard v. Bingen with Bertram, Quendel and Ysop make the calf's bone broth especially doing good. With only 8 kcal per 100ml our calf's bone broth is poorer in calorie than comparative products.

Nutritional value data per 100 g

Please, have a look at the nutritional values of the single kinds (beef, chicken, calf) in the single products.


Please, have a look at the nutritional values of the single kinds (beef, chicken, calf) in the single products.



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